Gobot around the world.


We've traveled around the world to talk about Gobot, here are just a few of the videos.

Global IoT Devfest With The Best 2017: High-performance IoT Using Go and Gobot

FOSDEM 2017 Talk: High-performance IoT Using Go and Gobot

GopherCon 2016 Lightning Talk: The Golang Hardware Report

Full Stack Robotics: A FutureTalk With Ron Evans (2016)

GopherCon 2014 Gobot: Go Powered Robotics and Physical Computing

Flying Iris At Distill 2014

Gobot on Intel Edison

GothamGo 2014: Using Golang for Robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Friends of Gobot Videos

Here are some videos of what others have been able to do with Gobot.

Robotic hand being controlled by Gobot & Arduino + Leap Motion

Friends of Gobot

Listed below are a few of the many blogs, videos, and projects which have featured Gobot.

Controlling a Digispark board - Applied Go

qpid - BBQ controller - Github

Dartbot - live Web video rover - Github

Learning Simple Robot Programming With a 'Non-Threatening' Robot Ball (Video) - Slashdot

Golang, Make and Robotics - Speaker Deck

Gobot Meets IoT : Using the Go Programming Language to Control The “Things” Around Us - Slide Share

Interview - GopherCon India