Taking The Stage At GopherCon

We just left the amazing GopherCon in Denver, the first conference dedicated to the Go programming language. A remarkable array of speakers and attendees were present, including Rob Pike and many members of the Golang core team.

It was a great honor for Team Gobot to be invited to speak to such an illustrious crowd, and we worked hard to prepare some demos worthy of the event. When you do live coding of flying objects, there is of course, always some element of aerial risk. However, the talk went off without a hitch! We will post a link once the video is online.

One new demo we've added, is running Gobot on the ARDrone's own internal board in parallel to their firmware, while controlling it using a different Gobot running on a separate computer controlling the drone. How meta!

The next day was the open hack day, and we brought lots of Sphero robots to play with. It was especially fun and exciting to pair up with the master himself. When Rob Pike sat down to play, and to help us improve our code, we were giddy to say the least. Thanks, Rob!

Thank you to the conference organizers, staff, the other presenters, and especially the attendees for making it a great experience. We really enjoyed showing our robotics road show to so many of the best and brightest in the Golang community.

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