All About The Next Generation At SCaLE15x

Last weekend, we took the robot world tour back to L.A. for SCaLE15x. Back for its 15th year, the community-organized Southern California Linux Expo is one of our favorite conferences because of all the young programmers (read: kids) that participate.

SCaLE15x kids

We brought out the latest version of our robotic "lasertag" game running the newest Gobot with all the trimmings, and the youthful crowd nearly went, dare we say it, "Berzerk"*.

As flashy as the LEDs in our demo are, however, they are only one attraction for the kids of "SCaLE: The Next Generation". SCaLE: TNG is an entire day with a parallel track of presentations by kids, for kids, that takes place colocated with the main conference. How awesome is that!

Kids, parents, and teachers from all over attend sessions, learn from each other, and even occasionally from a few of us so-called grownups. And most importantly, play with robots and spark their excitement about learning and sharing.

Of course, the main SCaLE conference is well attended by many members of the open source community, with many technical sessions and workshops. But it is SCaLE: THG that really helps make it special.

Thank you to everyone who makes this fantastic annual event happen, we are so very happy to be a part of it!

Please follow us on Twitter at @gobotio for the latest project information as we continue our adventures in programming the physical world using Golang.

* Yes, that was an 80s videogame reference.