Gobot - Release 1.11

Thanks to our wonderful contributors, we've just released version 1.11 of Gobot. The newest Gobot updates to the newest go-sdl2 package, and also adds 2 new kinds of controllers: the XBox 360 "Rock Band" drum controller, and also the T-Flight Hotas X flight controller. We also have added lots more features to the DJI Tello, including PalmLand() which in fact thanks to the Intel Movidius chip in the drone does in fact land on the palm of your hand. Neat!

Check out this code sample:

  package main

  import (


  func main() {
      drone := tello.NewDriver("8888")

      work := func() {

          gobot.After(10*time.Second, func() {

      robot := gobot.NewRobot("tello",


This new release also updates to the newest GoCV which adds the new default auto-configuration allowing you usually to just install OpenCV and "go run" code without needing all of the extra environment setup that previous versions had required. We like less!

Full Changelog

There's even more in the new release, so if you want the full details, check out the release info at

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