Gobot 0.7 - The Big Release

We've been quietly (and not so quietly) working these last couple of months, and we've just released Gobot 0.7! This is a very big release, that adds a lot of new capabilities, adds a lot of test coverage, refactors code, and adds support for a whole bunch of new hardware platforms too.

Here's a overview of the changes, but if you want to see more check out the compare view on GitHub.


  • Dramatically increased test coverage and documentation
  • api
    • Conform to the spec
    • Add support for basic middleware
    • Add support for custom routes
    • Add SSE support
  • ardrone
    • Add optional parameter to specify the drones network address
  • core
    • Add Once Event function
    • Rename Expect to Assert and add Refute test helper function
  • i2c
    • Add support for MPL115A2
    • Add support for MPU6050
  • mavlink
    • Add support for common mavlink messages
  • mqtt
    • Add support for mqtt
  • raspi
    • Add support for the Raspberry Pi
  • sphero
    • Enable stop on sphero disconnect
    • Add Collision data struct
  • sysfs
    • Add generic linux filesystem gpio implementation


A very special thanks to strongh, tangsoft, derailed, trevrosen, nathany, zmichaelh, and everyone else who made this release possible.


We are now generating proper godoc docs from our code. In addition, we're constantly updating the Gobot docs site with additional info to keep them up-to-date. You can find the latest info on the docs page.


If you find any issues with Gobot, please let us know! We try to be on IRC (#gobotio on freenode) as much as possible, but if we're not around leave us a GitHub issue and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay In Touch

Please follow us on Twitter at @gobotio for the latest updates, as we continue to work on this amazing platform.