Gobot - 1.4 Spring Cleaning

This week is National Robotics Week, along with last night being Yuri's Night, we decided it was the perfect time to release the next Gobot update.

In that spirit, we released Gobot 1.4:

Thank you to the largest number of first-time contributors ever in a single Gobot release!

We're Getting It Covered

SCaLE15x kids

This is a big release for stability and test coverage. We've reached some important testing milestones, such as over 90% test coverage for Gobot core, sysfs, and drivers.

Overall, the entire codebase now has over 80%+ test coverage.

Check out the latest stats at

The Race Is Run

Thanks to ongoing contributor @maruel, we discovered that the race detection in our Travis builds were not triggering the errors they should have been.

Our team then set out to find and fix every race condition detected by the new, improved test suite. We succeeded, and all those fixes are a part of this new release.

More I2C Devices

Thanks to contributors we have added support for a few new I2C devices:

We have also done refactoring and fixes to all of the various I2C sensors, now numbering 20 in total.

Keep In Touch

Keep in touch with the latest activity on the project by following us on Twitter at @gobotio. Thank you!