Adding Hardware Support

Gobot is easy to extend to add new support for additional hardware and software devices.

If you discover new capabilities that should be added to Gobot, you would add either an Adaptor or a Driver to support them. In some cases, you will want to add both, in order to support an entirely new platform.

Adding an Adaptor

Normally, you would want to add a new Adaptor to Gobot in order to add support for something such as a new kind of single-board Linux computer. In many cases, we would consider this a new platform, and it should be added to a new package under the /platforms directory.

Adding a Driver

You would want to add a new Driver to Gobot in order to add support for a device that can be used on multiple platform, such as a digital compass.

In other cases, you might want to add a new Driver to expose a related set of functionality, such as the navigation interface for a particular drone.

Adding a new platform

You can add platform support to the Gobot package itself, or you can create a new package that contains your new functionality.

If you have some new capabilities that you are willing to share with the community, we'd love to have your contribution.