The ARDrone from Parrot is an inexpensive quadcopter that is controlled using WiFi. It includes a built-in front-facing HD video camera, as well as a second lower resolution bottom facing video camera.

For more info about the ARDrone platform click here.

API Reference

How to Install

go get -d -u

How to Use

package main

import (


func main() {
        ardroneAdaptor := ardrone.NewAdaptor("Drone")
        drone := ardrone.NewDriver(ardroneAdaptor, "Drone")

        work := func() {
                drone.On(drone.Event("flying"), func(data interface{}) {
                        gobot.After(3*time.Second, func() {

        robot := gobot.NewRobot("drone",


How to Connect

The ARDrone is a WiFi device, so there is no additional work to establish a connection to a single drone. However, in order to connect to multiple drones, you need to perform some configuration steps on each drone via SSH.


Available drivers for the ARDrone platform are listed below..