DJI Tello

This package contains the Gobot driver for the Ryze Tello drone, sold by DJI.

For more information on this drone, go to:

API Reference

How to Install

go get -d -u

How to Use

Connect to the drone's Wi-Fi network from your computer. It will be named something like "TELLO-XXXXXX".

Once you are connected you can run the Gobot code on your computer to control the drone.

Here is a sample of how you initialize and use the driver:

package main

import (


func main() {
        drone := tello.NewDriver("8888")

        work := func() {

                gobot.After(5*time.Second, func() {

        robot := gobot.NewRobot("tello",



This driver could not exist without the awesome members of the unofficial Tello forum:

Special thanks to @Kragrathea who figured out a LOT of the packets and code as implemented in C#:

Also thanks to @microlinux with the Python library which served as the first example for the Tello community:

Thank you to bluejune for the repo, especially the Wireshark Lua dissector which has proven indispensable.


Available drivers for the DJI Tello platform are listed below..